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About Us

The Society was setup in the early 1950s around the hosting of an annual show. An image of the programme for the first ever show is opposite.

The first show was organised by a number of local people and inaugurated by William Ross, the Rev. T. G. Eakins, G. V. Latimer and M. McGowan and supported by local businesses along with Tom Doran a local man who had made his fortune in the USA after leaving Castlecaulfield as a boy around 1917.

Although the show and the activities of the Society continued for many years there was a decline during the 'Troubles' and the show was no longer held in the village. Thankfully the show and the Society has been reborn and the Annual Show has now become a major event once again in the village and indeed throughout the Dungannon area.

The Society gratefully acknowledges the help and support of local people in continuing its work and not least the significant assistance from Dungannon & South Tyrone Borough Council and the Community Festivals Fund.

Tom Doran - died 7 March 1970Thomas Doran
The late Tom Doran (left) whos name is identified with the Challenge Cup awarded for the highest total points in Show. Tom was the founder of 'The Cheerful Greetings Card Company' which he eventually sold in 1966 for nearly $10 million dollars and was a noteworthy benefactor of local causes including the purchase of Parkanaur House for the setting up of a special needs education centre.


What We Do

The aim of the Society is to facilitate the hosting each year of a show to which people are encouraged to enter horticultural & handicraft items for awards.

The Society is a none-profit organisation which relies on the help of local businesses and of course its members and the local people to carry out its functions

As a result of the show and throughout the Society's year moneys are also raised for local and other charities.

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