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Ulster In Bloom and Britain In Bloom 2016


Hello all you villagers
Just in case you did not hear
We are “Happy and very “Proud”
To enter “Britain in Bloom” this year
Thank you for your efforts
Made for “Ulster in Bloom”
Your baskets and containers
You placed them out with pride
But this year we really need to
Cast the net so wide
So we ask you each and everyone
To help us in our task
Please plant your lovely flowers
We would like to ask
This is the first year we have entered
Such a wide spread competition
And your help it just may get us
“First Place”  “Top Position”
So if you have some spare time
To weed, to plant, to water
Or just support our workers
By joining us for a natter!
You would be welcome at our meetings
Every third Wednesday in the month
Because we really are a “Happy and “Jolly” little bunch
So come on!! “Caulfield” we can do this
We all just need to pull our weight
And if we won the competition
Sure wouldn’t that be great!!

Jean Reid Feb 2016

Posted by Castlecaulfield Horticultural Society on Friday, 4 March 2016